So I Trapped 100 Kids, But Lava Rises Every 10 Seconds

1 jul. 2020
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So I Trapped 100 Kids, But Lava Rises Every 10 Seconds
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  • you should do it with water and everyone will make an underwater city until it reaches sky limit

    •Mahli••Mahli•56 minuten geleden
  • I walked into my brothers room and I knew. .. I could just FEEL the skeppy vibe o.o

    CuttyKitty37CuttyKitty372 uur geleden
  • And POLAND qins again

    Troy935_YTTroy935_YT2 uur geleden

    Ali Roblox Dude :DAli Roblox Dude :D2 uur geleden
  • I love bads voice just *”roasts toasty”* X3

    Galaxy_Panther7Galaxy_Panther73 uur geleden
  • ..

    Liliana PonceLiliana Ponce4 uur geleden
  • What is the code to enter your worlds and stuff/challenging stuff pls tell me

    kainen 117kainen 1175 uur geleden
  • I feel like the smart idea would be to lock yourself in cobble with fire res. When it breaks through, replace the cobble and use fire res if nessecary

    Alexia MasceraAlexia Mascera5 uur geleden
  • Ha ha a Mellon tower

    Ken YesKen Yes8 uur geleden
  • Yikes this video is garbage.

    WhyGamingWhyWhyGamingWhy9 uur geleden
  • Some of the players were piling up in wooden planks,

    Da GachaGamerDa GachaGamer16 uur geleden
  • skeppy’s got a cute voice tbh

    AppleApple16 uur geleden
  • what is the mod with the speed commands?

    Kid Banjo BebeKid Banjo Bebe22 uur geleden
  • i could almost hear the kids' earrapes of rage quitting

    JAILBREAK965JAILBREAK965Dag geleden
  • 8:25 [insert soviet national anthem]

    Augusto MegazAugusto MegazDag geleden
  • I would just start a tree farm

    Autism CenterAutism CenterDag geleden
  • Don’t trap me no no NOOOOO

    KittyGaming123KittyGaming123Dag geleden
  • The smartest way to win is put a water to make obby and make a lava proof house and they will be inside in the lava

    Carlo GamingCarlo GamingDag geleden
  • from y=0 to y=256 10*256=25600 seconds 25600/60=(426+(1/3)) minutes (426+(1/3))/60=(7+(1/9)) hours 7 hours,(6+(2/3)) minutes 7 hours,6 minutes,40 seconds (7+(1/9))/24=(8/27) days (8/27)/7=(8/189) weeks,(8/27)/30=(8/810) month,(8/27)/365=(8/9855) years (8/9855)/10=(4/49275) decade (4/49275)/10=(2/246375) (2/246375)=0.00000811770674784373414510400811771........

    Nathan Aurelius Cahyadi 1627017Nathan Aurelius Cahyadi 1627017Dag geleden
  • Nice

    Danel KrügerDanel KrügerDag geleden
  • if i would compete there i would get shears and break the leaves

    Enzo SastrilloEnzo SastrilloDag geleden
  • Ngl but if those ppl build houses on the sky and connect them, it will look so cool Like a sky city :0

    Bule_ BlossOm0Bule_ BlossOm02 dagen geleden
  • Just make a nether portal and get out of there. Unless you cant do that in that case

    SkullySkully2 dagen geleden
  • The dude with the skeppy face was in the shifting challenge

    cyanCubescyanCubes2 dagen geleden
  • I really like this vid

    Helena ZocktHelena Zockt2 dagen geleden

    Ace RaghavAce Raghav2 dagen geleden
  • I love your voice

    nickeydoornickeydoor2 dagen geleden
  • WAR

    C OC O2 dagen geleden
  • ,

    Tygo van pottelbergheTygo van pottelberghe2 dagen geleden
  • If i was in the game and have flint and steel i would buld a portal go to neather and stay safe

    venkat sangeethvenkat sangeeth2 dagen geleden
  • Good Luck.

    ZYNoX CHZYNoX CH2 dagen geleden
  • me when bbh and skeppy were doing math: nerds

    Ehxodus_19Ehxodus_192 dagen geleden
  • imagine if theyre in the nether

    Jeanmarx LucenaJeanmarx Lucena2 dagen geleden
  • i think it should be either every 10 secs lava rises by 2 blocks or every 5 secs lava rises a block cuz its kinda slo

    Sun Tung HUISun Tung HUI2 dagen geleden
  • This is ur fave thing to do lol hehehe

    EuniceEunice2 dagen geleden
  • *yeah*

    Zanley FonotiZanley Fonoti3 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha! It'd be SO fun to do your trapping kids challenges!

    Jody BumgardnerJody Bumgardner3 dagen geleden
  • djafkjlgaf the fire emblem music in the background of the intro

    Megan BuchananMegan Buchanan3 dagen geleden
  • If I was in that I would make a bucket full of lava and water then you have a infinate block generator

    Music's GlitchMusic's Glitch3 dagen geleden
    • Big brain

      Music's GlitchMusic's Glitch3 dagen geleden
  • The person who win the game is a youtuber

    sweethome74sweethome743 dagen geleden